My Rotten Potatoes

I spent a large portion of my day with a group of my students at the Second Harvest Food bank of NC.

We arrived at the warehouse around 9am for a few hours of work doing an unknown job. I had guessed we might be sorting some of the donated food or helping with distribution but instead we were all put on potato duty. Our job was to sort 50 lb bags of potatoes by re-bagging the good ones and tossing the rotten ones. And by rotten I mean the ones that would turn to a brown greenish mush the minute you touched them. The smell is indescribable. My kids have had dirty diapers that smelled better.

My students all worked really hard and made the best of a smelly situation. On a side note: I did get reprimanded by one of my adult volunteers for driving to fast on the highway.'s nice to be back in youth ministry!


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