My 360

Well I'm now the newest member of the Xbox 360 club. After months of hearing all my friends talk about how great theirs are, I broke down and bought one. I kept saying I couldn't spend the $350-$400 asking price a game system and if I ever did by one it would have to be a great deal. So last week I found that "can't beat" deal and now I have my Xbox. Along with the like new system I received the following games with it: Halo, Halo 2, Call of Duty 3, and Chrome Hounds.

I'm also signed up to Xbox Live and played some great games of Catan last night. if you're online and want to add me as a friend, my gamer name is: kvillegreek


Kaylyn said…
O Boy- what are you doing to me Mike? I will never get Brent off this thing now!! I guess I'll just leave it at...[very sarcastic monotone voice]I am very happy for you.
Veeno said…
Good to see you again Kvillegreek! I miss hanging with you- so perhaps 360 style will be just as good? Of course- we have to rely on the ever fickle Xbox live matching system

See ya! - Veeno

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