My May Mindless Ramblings

I've been checking out some movies from the public library lately. They have tons of great films that I've never gotten around to seeing. You can check out three at a time and keep them for a week. The best part is they're free!! Some really good ones I've watched lately were "Punch Drunk Love", "Adaptation" and my new favorite crime/thriller of all time (better then Pulp Fiction & Usual Suspects) "Lucky Number Sleven".

Beth got home last night (She had been in Boston for the past 4 days). The kids were so happy to see her. I think it made her night to have the kids run into her arms.

I reconnected with one of my old youth today. His name is Daniel although we always called him Jo-Jo. He just graduated from college recently and wants to be a youth pastor. I tried to talk him out of it.

I saw the new "Pirates" movie this past weekend. I thought it was the best of the three. If you haven't seen it yet, you have to sit through the credits. I had read there was one last scene after the credits finished so I was expecting something cheesy like most films. It actually played a major role in the ending of the film. I'd be ticked if I heard later that I had missed such a major scene.

Just when I thought I had experienced it all at The Refinery, I had another first this past weekend. Someone who checked us out online emailed me to say that they pulled in to the parking lot on Sunday to visit but felt like because of the size of the building, that there was no way we could do all the things we claim to on our website. They then turned around and went home. Once at home, they emailed to say we must be a bunch of liars. Good stuff. I guess size does matter.

Dear God, why do I have to pastor a church again?

My man Creed has some more "Creed Thoughts" I'd like to pass on to you...
Creed Thoughts
- The worst part about Raisin Bran is the bran. Hands down.
- I saw a man fishing bottles out of a garbage can yesterday and it reminded me of a funny story.
- I don’t like hockey. They should get rid of the pucks and put those shoe blades on their sticks – then you’d have a game on your hands.
- To be a good pick pocket, you’ve got to look like a regular Joe. Don’t dress up in fancy colors or jewelry. That’s where the Gypsies have it wrong. Pair of slacks, t-shirt, hat – that’s all you need. And it helps to have tiny hands, too.
- I’ve had enough of this LBJ character.
- If I had to pick between a chimp and a spider, I’d take the chimp. Harder to forget where you left it.

Well that's probably it for May. Upcoming events for June: Trip to CO, Mission trip to MS, Maria's b-day, and a possible major church announcement (well the church already knows but the rest of the world will too)


Veeno said…
That has got to be the best "size does matter" story.

Thanks for the Creed ending- always a good laugh!
Kristie said…
Jo-Jo!! Where did you see him? I haven't seen him since a Shane & Shane concert in college!
Kristie said…
oh yeah and what did you write in response to the idiot who emailed you and called you guys liars?

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