My Farewell to Falwell

So Jerry Falwell passed away yesterday and with his passing one of the most influential christian leaders of the past 100 years died too. Sure Jerry had his fair share of faults. He to often mixed his religious beliefs with politics, made outlandish statements, and a lot of times help contribute to the already poor world view of Christians. But the one thing his critics can't take away from him is his life of action.

From planting his now 24,000 member church when he was only 22, to single handily helping get Ronald Regan elected, to taking on the porn industry with guns blazing, Jerry Falwell was a man who backed up his strong words with stronger actions. He founded Liberty University with now has over 20,000 students enrolled making it the largest Christian university in the world, he built several elementary schools, houses for unwed mothers, and numerous drug & alcohol rehab centers.

What has always bothered me the most with all the Falwell haters is the fact that he would do more for society, regardless of their beliefs, in one day then all his critics would do in a life time. How many people sit around, christian and non christian, and criticize the things Jerry would say but they never get off their butts and do anything better. So in that aspect Falwell will be missed. Maybe not for his off center remarks but for the fact that he often led by example while his critics sat by the side and did / do nothing.


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