My Anniversary Trip Part One

This past weekend Beth and I got away for a couple of days to celebrate our 9th wedding anniversary. This years trip took us up to Bedford , VA and Abingdon, VA. Why those two spots you might ask? Allow me to explain.

Bedford, VA is the home of the National D-Day Memorial. Bedford lost more men per-capita then any other US city/town on the Allied Invasion of Normandy.

Abingdon is home to the Virginia Creeper Trail, a 34 mile bike route from White Top Mountain to Abingdon. I've decided to break our trip into two parts since it was like two trips in one.

After reading "The Bedford Boys" by Alex Kershaw and then finding out Bedford, VA was less than two hours from my home, I've been wanting to check it out. Beth was along with going at the very least to please me but after she read the book during the week leading up to our trip, she soon realized why this was such a "must see" memorial.

I'm not sure what I expected but the memorial was much different then I had imagined. Even after checking out the pictures online it still doesn't do justice to how grand and impressive the memorial is. Built with the back drop of the Blue Ridge, the surroundings themselves are a sight to behold. There were very few people up there the day we went which was nice because it gave us plenty of time to check out all there was to see. From the wall of fallen soldiers, to iron sculptures remaking the landing of Normandy and the climb up the beach wall, to the massive "Overlord" arch that serves as the pinnacle of the memorial, it is a must see for anyone. The $5.00 admission fee and the 2 hour drive from the Triad are well worth it.


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