My Weekend That Was

I've discovered the library is a great place to check out DVD movies for free. They don't have new releases but most films are no more then a year old. I usually pick up movies I may have wanted to see but never wanted to pay to see them. This past weekend we watched "Ocean's 12" and "Dawn of the dead" (1978 version) Both were OK at best.

I spent Super Bowl night hanging with friends and sharing a few laughs. The colts won which made me happy, we got Aaron to cuss, and made some fat/gay jokes about Kipp. Good stuff.

Brent and Kaylyn have Beth and I addicted to a game called "Settlers of Catan". I'd explain it but it would take the next five blogs. All I can say is it taken up my last two Saturday nights.

Church was solid again Sunday. We've had 5 great weeks of church since the start of '07. There is an freshness and hungry attitude that's been missing for a long time.

We got all our tax stuff together and sent off to our accountant. Now we must wait to see how much we get back. I feel like Clark Griswold waiting on my Christmas bonus.

I've found a new artist that I can't quit listening to - Jack Johnson. I've heard about him for a while but never really checked him out till recently. The guy is amazing.

I've started looking into buying a HDTV. I think that will be our next big purchase once our back porch is finished. For those of you who don't know we're closing in our back porch and making it a play room for the kids.

Well that's about it. Not anything to exciting, just other weekend at the Gianopulos house.


Brandon said…
oceans 12 is a great movie...well beyond ok at best...that is all....

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