2013 Sermon Series...so far (sneak peek)

I had the privilege of sitting down with my lead pastor today to map out our 2013 messages from now thru June. Needless to say I am pumped!! Some amazing topics and scriptures that I can't wait to see how God uses. So here's a sneak peek of what's to come at Main Street Baptist www.msbc.cc

Series: A Simple Life
Jan 6 Outer Simple Life (part 2)

Guest Speaker
Jan 13 Alex McFarland

Series: Dangerous Church
Jan 20 A Safe Church
Jan 27 A Dangerous Church

Series: Those People
Feb 3 Overly needy People
Feb 10 Manipulating People
Feb 17 Hypocritical People
Feb 24 Critical People

Series: “Famous Last Words”
Mar 3 “Father, forgive them”
Mar 10 “My God, My God, Why?”
Mar 17 “It is finished”
Mar 24 “Today you will be with me in paradise”

Easter 2013
Mar 31 Easter Celebration Service

Series: “How to Follow Jesus (without embarrassing God)”
Apr 7 How to Follow Jesus (without embarrassing God)
Apr 14 How to Exhibit a Christian Lifestyle (without moving into a commune)
Apr 21 How to Talk about Prayer (without saying things that make God look bad)
Apr 28 How to Have a Devotional Life (without becoming a monk)
May 5 How to Be Positive about Women (without being negative about men)
May 12 How to Care for People (without being exploited)
May 19 How to Think about God (without being brainwashed by modern philosophies)
May 26 How to Be Involved in Church (without letting it eat you up)

Series: “Enemies of the Heart”
June 2 Enemies of the Heart (intro)
June 9 Guilt: I Owe You
June 16 Anger: You Owe Me
June 23 Greed: I Owe Me
June 30 Jealousy: God Owes Me


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