My Disc Golf Adventure

How did I not know about this? I mean sure I had heard of Disc Golf, it's even been thrown out on occasion as a possible fun activity from a couple of my friends. But outside of throwing around a cheap give-away Frisbee in the back yard I had never played a real game of Disc Golf until yesterday. My buddy Vargas plays 2-3 times a week and at church this past Sunday invited me to join him at a local course (

My ignorance of the sport was obvious early on as I had no idea there were actually drivers, fairway disc and even putters. Vargas went on to explain there were different weights and even disc that would curve to specific directions. Evidently there is a disc for every type of possible throw you could have in Disc Golf. There are even special bags (much like “club” golf) that hold your disc.

After a few warm-up throws to get use to the disc, we began our 18 hole adventure. On the 2nd hole I got a disc stuck in a tree. After some tree shaking and the help of a very long stick we were able to retrieve it. I finished the front 9 at 12 over. Vargas said that was good for a first timer but I think he was just being nice. I finally had my fist par on hole 10 but it was all down hill after that. On hole 16 I tossed another disc into a problem area. Except this time instead of being up in a tree we were in someone's fenced back yard that contained two dogs, one of which was not happy to see us. As Vargas distracted the dogs I jumped the fence and got the disc back.

I ended the back nine at 13 over for a total score of 25 over par. (Every hole was a par 3) Even though I hated my final score I will admit I have been bitten by the Disc Golf bug. I came home and immediately started looking at starter sets online. One of the cool things about Disc Golf is after the initial cost for the disc and bag, most courses free. So it's safe to say I'll be back on the course as soon as possible. Disc, bag, and all.


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