My Jimmy Buffett Experience

Last Thursday Beth, myself and our friend Jennifer went to see Jimmy Buffett in concert in Raleigh. Her are some of my observations...

First the amazing song set:

Summerzcool Tour
Time Warner Cable Music Pavilion - Raleigh NC
Thursday April 23rd, 2009

1 Lage Nom Ai
2 Stars On The Water
3 SummerZcool
4 It's Five O'Clock Somewhere
5 Manana
6 Conky Tonkin' (with Nadirah on vocals)
7 Changes In Latitudes, Changes In Attitudes
8 Volcano
9 Cheeseburger In Paradise
10 Come Monday (with the Beach Band)
11 Son Of A Son Of A Sailor
12 Brown Eyed Girl
13 One Particular Harbour
14 A Lot to Drink About

Recess from SummerZcool

15 My Head Hurts, My Feet Stink And I Don’t Love Jesus (Jimmy on uke with Mac on guitar)
16 I Heard I Was In Town
17 Last Mango In Paris
18 I Feel Like Goin’ Surfing in a Hurricane
19 Southern Cross
20 Coast Of Carolina
21 Rhumba Man
22 A Pirate Looks At Forty (Jimmy solo)
23 Gypsies In The Palace
24 Margaritaville (with the lost verse)
25 Fins

First Encore:
26 We Are The People Our Parents Warned Us About
27 Yellow Submarine

Second Encore:
28 He Went To Paris (Jimmy solo)

** This was the first concert I have ever been too that I can say every song I wanted to hear was sung. It was an awesome set list!

Jimmy Loves Summerzcool
No matter how sober, drunk, or high a person was when they left the concert there is no doubt they woke up the next morning with the words "Summerzcool" ringing in their head. Jimmy made sure every person in the sold out amphitheater knew that was the theme of the tour. He not only mentioned it in-between every song but he even incorporated it into half the songs he sang. I'll give him one thing, that guy is a salesman.

Jimmy Loves His Job and His Fans
The guy is 62 years old and has been touring for over 32 years. You'd think by now the whole beach bum routine would be getting a little old. Not if you saw Jimmy. The guy still eats it up and plays with as much enthusiasm and sincere enjoyment has any musical artist alive today.

Parrotheads Unite
Rumor had it that the first tailgaters showed up at 6am. All I know is when we arrived at 5pm the parking lot looked more like a scene from a major college football game then a concert. Tents, grills, and coolers lined the parking lots as fans played, sang, and shared all they had with one another. As much as I wanted to walk around and try the free food being offered by the various parretheads, my germ-a-phoebe tendencies wouldn't allow it. During the concert it seemed more like a back yard beach party complete with dozens of beach balls being bounced around then a concert. None of it distracted from the experience, it just enhanced it.

It was a very good concert, not quite on par with the Eagles or Tom Petty but still a very solid show.


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