My weekend in review: Wiffle Ball Style

After the movie on Friday night, 5:30am came really early on Saturday. I needed to be up at the church by 6:00am to start pulling out stuff for the church yard sale. After a week of nothing but a clear and sunny forecast for Saturday, I drove to church in the rain. Aaron and Jeremy were there at 6:00 too, so since we couldn't set things out in the rain, we just sat around and ran our mouths. Good times. By 6:45 the rain had stopped and a few more people showed up so we started setting up. The yard sale lasted until 1:00pm and there was very few slow periods during the six hour sale. We made pretty good money and everyone that helped seem to have a good time.

Saturday night I was exhausted and really didn't feel like cooking, so Beth and I called in an order of Japanese food. I gave them my order and last name then headed off. When I got to the restaurant, the Japanese lady the rung me up asked if I was from Indianapolis. I kindly said no then she explained she was just wondering since my last name ended with "polis". (It's actually ends with "pulos" but she had mis-spelled it")

Sunday we had two really good services. I thought the band was possibly the best they have ever been. Both services had a reall strong spirit about them and a unique mixture of joyful playfulness and a serious hunger for wanting God to move.

At our afternoon youth meeting, Kipp and I introduced or kids to "Wiffleball". A lot of people have probably played some form of "wiffleball" growing up but we taught them the official rules, ghost runners and all. We roped off a playing field in our church parking lot and went at it. Kipp's team crushed mine 14-6. The turning point came when I gave up a mammoth 3-run homer off the church roof to Samantha. You can check out the official rules at

Oh, and I found my phone.

All in all a pretty good weekend.


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