My WBFJ Share-a-thon: Day 2, The Zoo, and Family Time....

So I wake up Friday bright and early at 5:15am to head off to my second day of volunteering at WBFJ's 2006 Share-A-Thon. The mood was a little more tense then on Wednesday. Maybe it was because it was the last day and everyone was tired, or maybe it was the fact that entering the last day they still had over $200,000 to go in order to meet their goal of $575,000. It would take the biggest share-a-thon day of WBFJ's 11 year history to reach that mark. They said it would take a miracle for us to reach it. As the volunteers worked hard answering the phones, we had bagels provided by Panera and then Mid-Town Cafe brought by eggs, bacon, and pancakes for everyone. To me, this was the beginning of a miracle. When I left at 9:00am, we had raised $30,000 (give or take) but they still had around $190,000 to go. I wished them luck and headed out.

I got home and Beth and I loaded up the kids for our now annual spring trip to the NC Zoo. The weather was perfect and all but the Rhino exhibit was open. The kids had a blast. Well, Jacob had a blast looking at all the animals and Maria had a blast looking at all the kids from the various schools that were there. I've been to some of the more famous zoos across the country (ex. San Diego), and the NC Zoo is just as good as any I have ever been to. if you've never been or it's been a while, you need to go. Kipp would suggest you go on "free" day when everyone gets in for free.

We were headed home when we decided to stop by my parents house for a quick visit. Good thing we did because mom invited us for dinner and it was shrimp & salmon night. Good stuff.

We got home, bathed the kids, bathed myself, and went to bed. I was worn out. I was in bed alseep by 8:45pm. I'm an old man.

Today (Saturday) we went to my sister's house in Raleigh for the twins first birthday. We all had a really good time. Probably the best time we've ever had with all the kids running around. There were 6 kids in all (including my brother-in-laws nephews) If every family get-together could be like that then I wouldn't mind having them more often. But until I can be assured they will be, then I'll stick to the birthdays, Christmas, and Thanksgiving schedule.

I'm still tired.

By the way, I checked the WBFJ website and they ended up with $578,041. Yep, $3,041 more then that needed. I guess miracles do happen.


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