My Random Thoughts

I never lose anything, well except for my hair, money, mind, dignity, and virginity, but all of that can be blamed on my wife. So I was very upset when I lost my phone on Tuesday. I've tore my house apart looking for it but still no luck. I know I had it last at home because Beth called my on her way home from work. I've tried calling it but it's either dead or on silent.

I'm pleased with the final 2 on American Idol. I've pulled for Taylor all season just because his sound and style is so unique. I'm also happy that Katherine is in the finals if for no other reason then to rub it in the face of all the "Kat" haters & Chris fans.

Two season finales down, two to go. The Office and Scrubs were terrific season enders with great cliff-hangers. Next week is the finales of 24 and Lost. I can't wait.

Speaking of "Scrubs", I picked up season 3 this past week so I guess we'll start on it tonight.

Beth and I have started playing "Chess" again. We played a lot when she was in the hospital while she was on bed rest with Jacob. So far I'm 2-0 against her this time around. Which should come as no surprise since "Chess" is a thinking man's game.

This whole immigration debate has opened up some great discussion between my friends and I. I personally think Bush laid out a good plan, not great but good, the other night. This is one of those issues that inevitably there will be a group of people upset. I'm just glad my Greek immigrant relatives got in when they did. Greek Power!!

Jacob flushed God knows how much toilet paper down the drain the other day and flooded our bathroom and kitchen. I love Maria and Jacob with all my heart but there is no way I could make it through child #3.

We have our annual church yard sale this coming Saturday. A few of us sorted and priced things last night. It's funny to see the stuff people bring in. Kipp thought he could get his "Left behind" series by us but he had no luck. He can't hide from the fact that he's a closet "Left behind" fan. Now that Kipp's finally out of the closet, Aaron should be next.

And finally, Happy 28th B-Day to Mr. Jeremy Guy!! Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday, Happy, Happy Birthday to you!!


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