My 2006 Book List

I've never been much of a reader. ( Well except for sports magazines and comic books) I've always been the, "Why read when you can watch it on TV" kind of guy. That was until I married Beth. I think she has made it her life goal to get me to read more and watch TV & movies less. After almost eight years of marriage I guess it's finally working. When Aaron and I were at the Thirsty Conference a few weeks ago, one of the speakers said he made a goal this year to read 30 books. I was like, "Wow! I've not read 30 books in my life". So when I got home I started thinking of how many books I've read this year alone and to be honest, the number really surprised me. Below is the list of the books I have read or I'm currently reading in '06:

1) Velvet Elvis - Rob Bell
2) Visioneering - Andy Stanley
3) Through Painted Desserts - Donald Miller
4) Three - Ted Dekker
5) Seven Principles of Effective Ministry - Andy Stanley
6) The Naked Christian - Craig Borlase
7) The World According To Mister Rogers - Fred Rogers
8) Stop Dating the Church - Joshua Harris (re-read)
9) House - Frank Peritte & Ted Dekker
10) It Came From Within - Andy Stanley
11) The Unquenchable Worshipper - Matt Redman
12) To Own A Dragon - Donald Miller
13) Prince Caspian (Chronicles of Narnia: Book 4) - C.S. Lewis
14) Generous Orthodoxy - Brian McLaren

Given the current book reading roll I'm on, I've decided to set a reading goal for myself: 25 books in '06. I'll keep you updated on how my progress is going.


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