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I was at the infamous "Food Lion" yesterday when I was part of another one-sided conversation (see previous post). The only exception this time was that instead of hearing about something I really didn't care too, I left pondering the events that just took place and how I am looked upon.

It began when I stepped into line behind a man (30's) and someone he was with that could have been his grandmother (80's). He had helped her collect her groceries and was now helping her check out. On the surface this seemed like a great act of service by a loving grandson. As the checkout proceeded, I noticed the gentleman was getting more and more frustrated with his grandmothers lack of understanding, constant questions, and methodical search through her coupons and money. Basically the guy was a real jerk.

When they left, the cashier asked if I saw what just happened. Not having a clue what she was talking about, I gave my usual, "yep" answer, hoping that would end the conversation. The cashier went on to tell me how much of a jerk that guy was to his grandmother and how she was a sweet old lady and he had no right to treat her that way. The whole time she was checking me out (both my groceries and my body) she was ranting about how she should have told that guy off because he didn't respect his elders and family.

As I left and drove home, I tried to look at the other side of things. Maybe this guy wasn't a jerk. Maybe he was just having a bad day. Maybe that wasn't even his grandmother. Maybe his patience is worn thin because he cares for her day in and day out and it kills him inside to see her deteriorate like that. Maybe the instead of judging that guy's attitude, he should be applauded for at least trying to help his grandmother. I don't know. Just some thoughts. But one thing I was positive about is that brief capsule of time, his actions and attitude would forever be the lasting image in mine and the cashiers mind of that guy.

So I started to look at my image. More importantly, what is the last image I leave in people's mind about me? Am I a jerk? Am I inconsiderate? Am I a humanitarian? Am I a good example of Christ? Am I a screw-up? Am I a family man? Am I a dead beat husband and father? Whatever the case may be, image is everything. It can make or break your witness to this world. If you're seen in a negative light, justified or not, then you will always have an extremely hard time being more then your "last image". Is it fair? I don't no. For me it is, because it keeps me on my toes and gets rid of the "I don't care what people think of me" syndrome which so many people today have. The truth is we do care what people think of us. If that guy at the store knew our thoughts about him, then I'm sure he'd try to explain his self or give us the "You don't know me" speech. We often rant, rave, cuss, fuss, and basically act like real a-holes because we don't believe anyone is watching. The truth is they are. They may be behind you in line at the super market, beside you in the movies or a concert, or sitting across from you at dinner. How are we seen in the eyes of strangers? Should we care? Yep.


Bill said…
Hey brother!

Just wanted you to know that I'm enjoying your blog. I've placed a link to your blog on mine. Feel free to link me as well if you desire. Mine is:

Veeno said…
I can't belive you used the word a-hole. That will forever be my image of you.


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