My week that was......

"The Office" was awesome this past week!! Maybe one of the best episodes of the year. As I was hearing about all the ways Jim torments Dwight, it brought back memories of my early years before I was in full time ministry when I worked at the Clerk of Courts office in Greensboro. My friend David and I had a few folks we picked on pretty hard. Hearing all those great jokes made me wish I could go back in time and try a few of them out.

Please allow me to vent on this past weeks elections. NC had the lowest voter turn out in it's history on Tuesday. Was I there? Heck yeah. Just like every other election I've been able to vote in since the day I turned 18. What makes me mad aren't the results of the elections but the lack of interest our country has for the whole voting process. The same people who moan and complain about our government and elected officials are the same ones who won't get off their lazy butts and go spend 2 min casting a vote. If you don't vote, then keep your mouth shut about who we have in office. You lost your right to complain when you chose to ignore an amazing right we have in our country that many people in our world are literally dying for. There is no excuse for not voting. I don't even care who you vote for. Just vote. Personally, I think everyone should be made to vote and if you don't, then you should be fined. There, I said it.

Idol sucked again this week. Paris was by far the most talented singer in the competition. She is a heck of a lot better than Fantasia was a couple of years back. It's all down to Taylor. Once he's gone, I'll never watch Idol again.

Speaking of shows I'm not into anymore, Survivor has been really bad this season. The players are weak and not very watchable.

The Da Vinci Code comes out in 2 weeks. I'm really excited about it. I enjoyed the book and I fully expect the movie to be just as good. I'm probably in the Christian minority that doesn't see what the big deal is. Everybody and their brother that is a "Christian" author is trying to make a buck off this film by witting an anti Da Vinci Code book. What's worse: witting a fiction book about Jesus or trying to make some quick cash off it all in the name of evangelism?

We have a guest band coming in to lead music this week at The Refinery. This is the first band I've let play that I have no idea what they sound like. The second will be this summer when a band called The Cord comes to town. is starting to pick up some steam. Just from word of mouth we have over 20 hits a day and the average stay is 30 minutes. That's pretty cool.

I'm starting a new series at church this Sunday. It's focusing on our hearts. Specifically: Guilt, Anger, Greed, and Jealousy. That about covers all of us.

This week has been brutal on my physically. I cut my head shaving and it bled all night, I burnt my hand and have a massive blister on it, I cut my ankle all up when my wheel barrow fell on me, and I ripped my big toe nail back loading a table into my Explorer.


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