Finding A Way To Feel by Beth Gianopulos

Finding A Way To Feel
By Beth Mabe Gianopulos
Friday, April 7, 2017 “Slowness to anger makes for deep understanding, a quick-tempered person stockpiles stupidity.”  Proverbs 14:29 MSG Even as I said the words, I knew that I should not say them.  I was angry, and I could feel myself losing control.  As my emotions took over, I yelled more and said more hurtful things.  As the anger began to subside, I saw the hurt faces around me and knew that I had made a terrible mistake.  At that point, the crushing guilt and regret took over.  Anger can be a good emotion.  Anger compels us to seek justice and to change situations that are unfair.  However, anger that is not righteous and that is uncontrolled can be devastating.  Why is anger so hard to control? We live in a society that teaches us that some emotions are acceptable and others are not.  From our childhood we are instructed, “Don’t cry.”  “Stop getting so angry!”  “You need to be positive.”  “Why can’t you just be happy?” While it is not…

John 15 (Week Five) Remain In

·Read John 15:4-11 ·Pray ·Emotion isn't a learned skill or acquired capacity, it's a primal component of human nature ·No one has to tell you to be happy, angry, sad, etc. ·Jesus was full of passion and emotion ·Anger with money changers ·Grief when we wept over death of Lazarus ·Emotion also found in the language of Jesus ·Jesus was incredible practitioner of pathos, a rhetorical term for an appeal to the heart through emotions ·Today we call it emojis ·Even when audience lacked the ability for religious reasoning, Jesus able to reach hearts through emotive language. ·One way was through the use of repetition ·11 times in six verses (John 15:4-10) ·Stated the command to “remain in Him” ·Repetition and example ·Ex. teens, human brain not fully developed until age 25 ·Why this command?
1) It is impossible to be fruitful unless we remain in Him ·Fruit in the bible one of two things - Adam/eve in garden, and fruit of the spirit

My Movie List 2017

Each year I keep a running list of the movies I've watched from that particular year. As I watch more and more films, the list will grow. On average I see about 20 movies a year in the theater. I've also got three kids under the age of thirteen, so yeah we see a lot of kids flicks.  

My 5-star ratings system is pretty straight forward...
***** I would own this movie
**** I would watch again
*** A good and enjoyable movie but not worth seeing again
** Waste of time
* I'm dumber for having watched it

So with that being said, here's my list for 2017:

1) Kong: Skull Island ****
2) Logan ****
3) Split ***
4) The Lego Batman Movie ***
John 8 (week three) Woman Caught in Adultery
·Ever been caught doing something wrong? ·Ex. Speeding, Lying, Gossiping: Kid w/ chocolate on his face "No I didn’t eat it!" ·Woman caught in adultery
·Read John 8:2-4 ·What I understand about adultery—takes 2. ·Double standard! Where was the guy? ·Woman was Caught, she was Guilty. No argument  · The voices of condemnation she heard: You’re life’s over. No one’s going to want you. No way back. God will never forgive you. Not worthy. ·Don’t have to be caught to feel shame: Fear getting caught—Erase tracks.

I Matter To Him By Beth Gianopulos

“‘Is there anyone here who saw the Temple the way it used to be, all glorious? And what do you see now? Not much, right? “‘So get to work, Zerubbabel!’—God is speaking. “‘Get to work, Joshua son of Jehozadak—high priest!’ “‘Get to work, all you people!’—God is speaking. “‘Yes, get to work! For I am with you.’ The God-of-the-Angel-Armies is speaking! ‘Put into action the word I covenanted with you when you left Egypt. I’m living and breathing among you right now. Don’t be timid. Don’t hold back.’” Haggai 2:1-5 (MSG) Years ago, I felt a deep desire to be involved in short term missions.  Over the years, I have traveled on a number of mission trips, and I learn more about myself and God on every trip. However, not everyone understands my passion for short term missions.  Friends have even asked me, “Do you really think that you are making a difference?”  When I am asked that question, I start to doubt myself.   I wonder, does the work that I am doing matter?  Do I matter? After I returned fr…

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Joshua drops some knowledge on us about his new friend the eastern fence lizard!

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