My Movie Review: Sling Blade

I know this movie is like 10 years old but for whatever reason I had never gotten around to watching it until this past weekend. I have a group of friends that do nothing but quote this movie verbatim, so after years of hearing the dialog from this film, I figured I might as well put some pictures into my brain to go along with all the movie lines.

I wasn't sure what to expect. I knew it was a sad movie and it was on some levels. I'm not a big fan of Billy Bob Thorton but did a remarkable job playing Karl Childers, a simple man hospitalized since his childhood murder of his mother and her lover. He is released and returns to his childhood town and although being mentally handicapped, gets a job fixing small motors at a local repair shop. Karl befriends a young boy, Frank, and is soon invited by Frank's mother, Linda, to move into the family's garage. As a strong relationship develops between Karl and Frank, a confrontation builds with Linda's abusive and sometimes violent boyfriend Doyle. Dwight Yoakam plays the perfect role of Doyle, the abusive boyfriend.

A lot of the dialogue was humorous and I found myself chuckling out loud a few times at various conversations.

The overall theme of the movie was basically disturbing. It was one of these where you found yourself pulling for a convicted murderer to kill again. It was very moving and one I'll probably want to purchase, if not for nothing less then to memorize those lines. 3 out of 4 stars


Veeno said…
Vaughan Cunningham: You always seem to be deep in thought. Tell me, what are you thinking right now?
Karl: I was thinkin', I'm gonna take me some of these taters home with me.
Vaughan Cunningham: How about before that?
Karl: Well, let me think... I was thinkin' I could use me another couple cans'o that potted meat if ya got any extree.

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