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John McCain for some unknown reason decided to attend The View today. That may have been worse then the 5 years he endured as a POW. In case you missed it, here is a segment in which Democratic poster child Whoopie Goldberg "challenges" Mccain on the constitution:

John McCain should get a LOT of credit, since he resisted answering the way she SHOULD have been answered, as in: “Whoopie, in 30 years in politics, that might be the dumbest question I have ever been asked.”


Brent said…
Hey Mike,
This isn't directed at you, just at the topic.

I think Whoopie both got and missed the point at the same time (if you can imagine that). Roe v. Wade was about abortion, not slavery, so I don't think she was specifically referring to that case (even though McCain was).

Here's where I think she got the point...

I hope her point was that if we never allowed ammendments to the constitution then we'd be stuck 200+ years ago with slavery and many other bad political and social practices.

Here's where I think she totally missed th point...

McCain wasn't arguing that we shouldn't ammend the constitution or make new laws, he was saying that it should be done by the legislative branch of the government, and not the judicial branch (AMEN to that). She took him to mean that we shouldn't change anything and that we should overturn anything that has ammended the constitution, which would make her a slave again. I agree, pretty dumb question. How can anyone even possibly mistake what he was saying for what she took out of it?

As far as the whole branches of government go...

We have 3 branches and all are named appropriately.
Administrative - this branch is intended to administer the laws and keep order. This branch is intended to prevent bad laws, but not create new ones. The president doesn't "create", he just enacts, or "administers".
Legislative - this branch makes new legislation (imagine that).
Judicial - this branch judges and determines whether or not things fall within the confines of the law. The ridiculous part is, in cases like Roe V. Wade, the judgement essentially created a new law. Not only that, but it was a law that limited the rights and sovereignty of the states. Take that a step further and you see that they did it under the guise of "sticking to the constitution". What does the constitution say about the states? The constitution gives ultimate power to states and limited power to the federal government. I don't know this for sure, but I'd be willing to bet that almost every single bit of power the states have lost to the federal government has come due to a supreme court ruling. Seems a bit backwards if you ask me.

Thanks for letting me post my thoughts. I probably should have made my own blog about this, but you already started it, so I figured I'd latch on to yours.

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