My Living Room

Have you ever been invited to someones house that you really didn't know? Maybe a co-worker, someone from church, or one of your kid's friends parents? What happens when the experience isn't exactly the what you hoped it would be. The meal that was prepared was less then edible. The decor was a bit dated. The conversation was lacking. Basically at the end of the night you couldn't wait to get out of that home. What do you do? Most people would just put on a happy face, thank the family for being such a welcoming host and opening their home to you, and drive away with thoughts of never returning.

But what if you choose to do the opposite? What if you complained about the meal all through dinner? What if you pointed out each and every decorating flaw though-out the house? And what if you spent the entire night explaining to the host how much better their life could be if they would just makeover their home to look just like yours?

I've heard the argument for a long time (ever since the word "blog" first entered my vocabulary) that if people didn't want others to comment on their inner most thoughts and feelings then they shouldn't put it up on the old world wide highway for everyone to read. I have a major problem with that rational.

To me a person's blog is just an extension of their living room. It's a place to invite folks in for a look around, snacks, drinks, and great conversation. A person's blog is just a way to expand your living room to all the corners of the earth and not just the 1/2 acre lot your house sits on.

Why do we find it so hard to even consider that someone would walk into your physical house and begin trashing it but it's so easy to walk into your cyber house and tear it a part?

Over the years I have come to enjoy the idea of hospitality. I love having people over. From eating frozen lasagna to grilling out, to watching a movie, to playing board games, there is nothing I dislike about having people, strangers or not, come spend time with me and my family. Some come back. Some don't.

I also enjoy the idea of my blog. I've always had the desire to journal but never have taken the necessary steps to be consistent at it. So like it or not, this is my journal. Some days it's deep, most days it isn't. It's my life, my thoughts, my likes, my dislikes, my feelings, my jokes, my mindlessness, my spirituality, my family, my friends, and most of all my living room. If you want to come in, try the food, look around, and move on because the place disgust you, then fine. Move on.

Now to end one debate before it starts, some may say that your "house" should be spotless just in case The Almighty decides to drop in. After all Jesus did go postal in the temple when that place was a mess. But here are two points to remember: 1) The temple technically was Jesus' house and 2) If the Jesus has some redecorating tips for me then I'll listen. But I'm if not hearing it from Him then I'm sure not going expect some wanna be Ty's and the gang from Extreme Home Makeover to speak for Him.

Regardless of what someone may think about this "living room", the menu will always stay the same as will the decor and conversation. If you can handle an occasional hair in your food, some stains on the carpet, and some pointless babble, then sit down and make yourself at home.

If those things bother you, then you should probably stay in your own living room.


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