David Crowder meet Jacob or "Rock On" - Michael Damian

Most 5 year olds heads are full of Backyardigans, Thomas the Train, Mickey Mouse, and other Disney and Noggin Channel favorites. But not my son. While he does enjoy a good dose of Dora and Diego, his main source of inspiration at this time comes from none other then David Crowder.

It started a couple of months ago when he heard "Neverending" being played in the car. (Or as he and Maria call it, "the La,La,La song") Jacob's music request quickly went from "The Wheels on the bus" to "Neverending " and other Crowder tunes. Then I I received the new "Remedy" live cd in the mail complete with a full DVD of the Remedy show in NY it was over. Now you can find Jacob watching and air-guitaring along to Crowder every afternoon. He has even gotten to the point where he's drawing pictures of David Crowder and putting on pretend concerts where he makes Maria sing along with him to his renditions of "Everything Glorious", Never let go", and "You are my joy".


Your boy looks so grown up in this picture! I love that he rocks out to Crowder- you are teaching him well! :)

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