My New Must Read Blog (Part 2)

Yesterday during our Labor Day travels, Beth and I were discussing the "Stuff white people like" when two things happened: 1) Beth realized she really is white and 2) We begin thinking of all kinds of things Christians like. The list was long and a strange mix of funny & sad. Stuff like Corny Church Signs, Jesus Junk, WWJD bracelets, Left behind books, anything "Purpose Driven", and The Prayer of Jabez. Anyway I decided I would blog my own list of "Stuff Christians Like" when I ran across a guy who has beaten me to it. His blog can be found here:

The newer post are a bit reaching but go back to the beginning and the "stuff" is exactly what Beth and I were thinking. The entire month of January 2008 is dead on!


I sat and read this blog for awhile and was cracking up!! Thanks for the link!

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