My North Carolina Voting Experience or My No. 325

Today was our NC primary, which in every other year has meant very little since our primary comes so late. But not this year. This go around we're the feature on every national newscast. But since I'm registered Republican I still didn't have a chance to effect the outcome of the closest nomination battle in recent memory. So I did the same thing I've done for the past two primaries, I cast my vote for president to Mr. Alan Keyes.

I did make a few observations while I was casting my vote:
1) I was never asked to prove who I was. I gave the lady my name, she looked it up, then told me to move to the next table. Isn't this how voter fraud happens? I should have went back in a few more time to vote for Alan.
2) When I got to the next table the guy asked me if I was Republican or Democrat then gave me the matching voter form. I really believe if I had told him Democrat I could have voted for Clinton or Obama.
3) The guy at the table then hands me a pen and paper that looks a lot like an SAT form. When I made my way to the voting booth I realized this was no more then a color-in-the-circle form. No electronic touch screen or hanging chad. Just a good old mark the dot. You would think that in 2008 we'd be well past these types of forms.

As I left, I entered my form into an automated machine and saw that I was just the 325th person to vote at my precinct today. Which leads me to one last rant. If you are a US citizen and do not vote each and every time you have the opportunity, you should be fined $100. Unfortunately voting is just like most everything in our country, we see it as a hassle or a burden and not the amazing right and privilege we have that most other people in this world don't.


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