His Story: Loose Change to Loosen Chains


Brent said…
I actually read an article not too long ago about the Biblical basis for slavery. Many times we talk about slavery as though it is this horrid thing that must make God angry. I'm not so sure that the Bible supports a belief that ALL slavery is bad. Obviously forced slavery is bad and prostitution is bad, so let's set those aside. However, what about those people who are simply paying off a debt. I remember having my parents pay for things and then I'd work off my debt by doing chores. That is essentially slavery. Indentured servitude in the early colonial times of the US was not considered bad. Someone became a slave for 7 years to pay off the debt of traveling to the new world. Biblical slavery calls for fair and ethical treatment of your slaves. In my understanding, the Bible doesn't call people to release their slaves, but to treat them properly. Just a thought to spur on conversation.

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