My Must See Summer 2008 Movies

With the release of "Prince Caspian", the summer blockbuster season officially began for me. Seeing that it get's really hard to have a night away from the kids for Beth and I to have a date night, we'll probably only see 3 or 4 of these in the theater. Below is my list of the top movies that are must see for me.

1) The Happening (M. Night Shyamalan, need I say more?)
2) The Dark Knight (After M. Night, the Nolan brothers are my favorite writers/directors)
3) The Incredible Hulk (Name me a bad Edward Norton movie, plus we need something to erase the memory of the last Hulk movie)
4) Prince Caspian (Lion, witch and wardrobe was great, this is suppose to be better)
5) Indiana Jones (Can my childhood hero live up to my childhood memories)
6) Step Brothers (Go watch the trailer for Will Ferrell's newest film and you'll see why it's top 10)
7) Hancock (As with # 3, name me a bad Will Smith movie)
8) Get Smart (Steve Carrell = Funny stuff)
9) The Mummy 3 (We'll just forget Scorpion King ever happened)
10) Tropic Thunder (Ben Stiller making a movie-within-a-movie comedy about the Vietnam War - how can that miss?)


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