My Take On Season Finales

I only watch 4 shows a week so that leaves me expecting a lot from their season finales. While some were good, some were pretty disappointing.

The Office - 4 Stars
It was a perfect way to end the season. They didn't lean to heavily on the Jim/Pam/ Karen triangle and instead gave us a look at what might happen if Dwight ran the office. Every character again and some great scenes and classic lines. And the ending was a nice finishing touch on an already terrific episode.

Lost - 4 Stars
Lost gave us the one of the biggest "what the heck just happened" moments in television history. The ending was so amazing it overshadowed what was an incredible 2 hour show. The multiple deaths, game changing moments, and of course the first flash forward episode will leave fans like Beth and I dieing to know what happens next. Unfortunately it doesn't come on again until next February!

Scrubs - 2 Stars
I can say was was enjoying Scrubs until the end. Much like last seasons end, it left me with a sour taste in my mouth. For a series that use to be so consistently great because of the imaginative writing and the out of the box stories, now it seems more and more like every other show. I know it has one more season but it was probably ready to go after this year.

24 - 1 Star
The only thing that saved this finale from getting no stars was Bill Buchanan helping jack save the day. the story line was weak, the action was over the top, and the dialogue was cookie cutter. Not to mention how disappointing the ending was. At least the writers left the show at a point where it can all be torn down and begin fresh next season.


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