My Spiderman 3 Review

After amassing a collection of over several thousand Spiderman comics along with a few hundred figures and other Spidey items, I guess you could say that I’m a bit more then a casual Spiderman fan. When the first movie came out it was all I thought it would / could be and more. The second film was a bit of a let down so I really didn’t know what to expect out of number three. I stayed away from reading any reviews on it so I could go in fresh and judge it with an open mind. So here is my Spiderman 3 review:

I won’t bore you with what the film is about, just what I liked & disliked.

- The special effects are some of the if not the best I have ever seen.
- Topher Grace is perfect as “Eddie Brock / Venom”
- Thomas Haden Church is perfect as “Sandman”
- The final fight scene, which last over 30 min, is one of the best action sequences I’ve ever seen in a movie.
- The design and special effects of Venom was better then I thought was humanly possible.

- A little long (2 ½ hours) only because it was a bit slow in parts. But I guess for the $250 million it cost to make this film they wanted to get their money’s worth.
- To many story lines at once. They did a good job on all of them but at times it was a little much to try to follow.
- Aunt May. I’ve disliked her since the first movie.
- A few corny lines / scenes

Overall I thought it was better then the second and as good as the first. 3 ½ Stars

This made me begin to wonder, what are my 14 favorite superhero movies of all time......

1) Spiderman
2) Batman Begins
3) Spiderman 3
4) Superman Returns
5) X-Men 3
6) X-Men
7) Spiderman 2
8) X-Men 2
9) Unbreakable
10) Batman (1989)
11) The Incredibles
12) Superman 2
13) Superman
14) Batman Returns

The Hulk
Fantastic Four
Any Batman movie after Michael Keaton
Superman 3 & 4


Kristie said…
Darryl's favorite part is when he was strutting down the street with emo hair and black eyeliner... cause apparently that’s sexy.

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