My Recent Travels Part One: Thirsty '07

One of the reasons I've been so behind in my blogging this month is I've actually been away more then I've been around. My first trip this month was back to Alpharetta, GA to the annual Passion: Thirsty conference. the conference is led by Louie Giglio and features speakers Andy Stanly and Francis Chan along with music led by David Crowder, Chris Tomlin, Matt Redman, and Charlie Hall. This year I was accompanied by my good friend Darryl. Here are the highs (and lows) of our trip:

Amazing Worship (I'm not a huge Tomlin fan but his 20 minute rendition of "Mighty to save" was incredible)
Great Speakers (Andy and Francis are by far 2 of the best communicators alive today)
Terrific Breakout Sessions (So much info my head hurt)
The Cheesecake Factory & Bahama Breeze ( Great food)
Making great time on our way down (Just like George, I love to make good time)
The David Crowder late night concert (we were about 6 feet from the stage)

Map Quest directions to our hotel (it took us 30 min to find our hotel which was only 1 mile away from the conference)
Crappy hotel (looked great on outside, then we went in)
Louie making Darryl mad (low for Darryl but a high for me)
Louie making up for it (high for Darryl, low for me. I was looking for a fight:)
Getting lost trying to leave Alpharetta (It took us over an hour to find the interstate and when we did we were in Atlanta)

Questions (& other random observations from Thirsty '07)
- Why do so many leaders feel the need to dress like the cover of GQ? Does that really attract more young adults to your ministry?
- Why do people feel the need to begin waving their hands in praise and getting very charismatic after just the first chord played on the first song of the service? Am I a bad Christian because I allow the worship experience to come to me instead of forcing it?
- Why does "Extended Stay America" no longer give wake-up calls?
- How can Andy Stanley manage a church of 20,000? I can barley handle a church of 80.
- Will I ever have a profound thought or statement?
- Do fancy lights and fog machines really add that much to the worship experience?
- Is there more then one bar in Blacksburg?
- David Crowder is the best live concert out there and Matt Redman is the best worship leader. No question about it.


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