My Reviews: Superman, Moe's

Thursday night Beth and I had "date night". These are the few and far between times when the kids ae spending the night with their grandparents and Beth and I can enjoy a peaceful relaxing evening out on the town. This time we chose dinner and a movie.

Moe's Southwest Grill: We had heard nothing but good things about this place so since it was beside the movie theater we were going to, we decided to check it out. Moe's was said to be similar to one of our favorite eating establishments, Qdobe. It's a Subway style place where they make the burrito's or whatever your Mexican fancy might be right in front of you. The atmosphere and set up at Moe's was very much like Qdoba but the food paled in comparison. The burrito wasn't as large and the chicken didn't taste as fresh. In fact, I had a Burrito Supreme from Taco bell earlier that day that was better. The one good thing about Moe's was they give you chips on the side where at Qdoba you have to pay extra for them. This will probably be our last time eating at Moe's given that neither Beth or I were very much impressed.

Superman Returns: We decided to see Superman over Pirates only because we had several friends that were unimpressed with the Pirate sequel. Neither of us had high expectations for Superman but since it was the best of what is out now, we gave it a try. Maybe it was the fact that we had lower expectations for it or maybe it's because it was that good, but we both loved Superman Returns. You can read the basic plot elsewhere so I'll just jump straight to what I enjoyed about it. The story was very good and original. I liked the way they played off the previous movies. There is a huge storyline/twist that I had no idea about that gave the movie major moment of surprise. Brandon Routh was very good as the newest version of Kent/Superman. He has a creepy likeness to Christopher Reeves. Kate Bosworth held her own as Lois Lane and Kevin Spacey was perfect as Lex Luther. I'd give this film a solid 3 1/2 stars.

We plan on seeing "Lady in the water" this Friday. This is my most anticipated movie of the year. I've loved every other M Night Shyamalan film so I'm going in to this with VERY high expectations.


Jason said…
we ate at "holy guacamole".. (i think that is spelled right) if not you get the point. It was some good stuff. Check it out if you havent already. So far though that place in kville me and you went to has been the best mexican i've had in a good while.

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