My End Of An Era?

Is this the end of the Explorer era? Maybe. After many long and sleepless nights, I have decided to put the Explorer up for sale. It will always hold a special place in my heart for a couple of reasons.
1) It has been the best vehicle I have ever owned.
2) I bought it on 9/10/01 and picked it up on 9/11/01.

So why sell it? It comes down to my fear of the unknown. You see it has 114,000 miles on it now and from my experience with American made cars, once you hit the 100,000 mile mark, you're in no man's land. That's usually the time when the "little" things begin to go wrong. You know the ones that cost $200 here and $400 there. Sure it still runs great, but for how long?

So what to buy next? Beth and I have narrowed it down to four possibilities (all used cars by the way)
1) Another mid-sized SUV (most likely)
2) A larger SUV with 3rd row of seating (possibly)
3) A minivan (least likely)
4) A 4-door pick-up (my personal choice)

I've got it posted on at a price I'm not going to budge from. If I sell it, great. If not, then I'm fine with driving it until the wheels fall off.
So will this be an end of an era? Only time will tell.


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