My Sunday Sermon Recap 1.9.11

Have you ever thought that it would be a lot easier to talk to God if he was physically right in front of you? No wondering if he heard you or what His answer may be.

That seems to be a huge advantage the people who came in contact with Jesus had over us. They could go straight to the source with their problems or issues and we’re left tossing up holy wishes hoping God may hear one of them.

But what if the same conversations Jesus had with people were the same conversations He would have and wants to have with us?

Over the next few weeks we’re going to be looking at actual conversations people had with the Lord in the gospels and turning them into prayer parables or “prayables” that can help us in our own prayer conversations with God
Jesus and the Samaritan Woman - John 4:1-30

This one of my favorite encounters with Jesus in the bible cause it’s a place I believe all of us will find ourselves at some point. That’s the place of not feeling good enough or worthy enough to talk with a perfect Savior or God. But there are two key elements to this story I want us to realize this morning:

1. Jesus meets the Samaritan woman where she is.
(4:4) “Jesus had to go through Samaria…”???
- He didn’t have to go that way (there were other routes)
- Most Jews would not have gone that way (they would have avoided Samaria)
(4:6) “Jesus sat down by the well…”
- Jesus didn’t wait for her to come to Jerusalem or come to church
- He knew where he could find her and it didn’t matter to Him where it was
(4:7-9) “Will you give me a drink?”
- Jesus spoke to her first
- Jesus surprisingly associated with her
- Treated her with respect
- Did not follow customary prejudices
- Broke through social barriers
- Willing to break through the biggest barrier of all: sin (vs. Holy God)
- Asked her for help (saw her as valuable)
(4:29) “He told me everything I ever did”
- The Lord knows all about me and still cares for me
- The Lord knows all about me and still talks with me
- I don’t have to pretend to be something I’m not with the Lord
- I can talk with the Lord about anything / everything in my life!
2. Jesus consistently moves the conversation to deeper levels
- From physical thirst (4:7) to spiritual thirst (4:10,13-14)
- From superficial worship (4:20-21) to the heart of worship (4:23-24)
- From a gloomy past (4:16-18) to a joyful future (4:28-29, 39-42)


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