My Day at the Charlotte Leadership Conference pt 2 with Dr. Cloud

We operate under the assumption that every one is like you. The problem is not everyone is. All people fall into one of three types of behaviors...
1) Wise
- may not be smartest
- when the truth shows up they adjust themselves to the truth
- accept feedback
- accepts responsibility
- thankful for feedback
- adjust behavior accordingly
- what do we do with the wise: invest, pour into, coach, mentor

2) Fools
- maybe the smartest & that's the problem
- when the truth shows up they will not accept it and will try to adjust the truth
- always making excuses for problems
- hate feedback
- same conversations just different content
- must deal with them with limits and consequences

3) Evil
- Can only deal with evil with: lawyers, Guns, and money = protection
- wolves
- divisive and like it when things aren't good
- must protect from evil/wolves


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