My Impala

A few thoughts from this past Sunday's message...
The African Impala
- has ability to jump 13feet high from a standing position
- can also jump a span of 30 feet
- fast too – max speed 60 miles per hour
- not contained by tall fence or huge ditch
- contained by a 3ft wall
- adult impalas are hesitant to jump if they cannot see where they are going to land
- the inability to see the end of the jump keeps it from doing what it was designed to do.
- Can you imagine all that God given potential just sitting there going to waste. They live their lives in a safe, comfortable environment where they wake up each morning, eat, sleep, eat some more, go through the routines then start over again the next day.
- Is that the life God had in mind when He created them?
We have churches, and a church, full of Impalas this morning

We have people filling our pews and seats that wake up each day, go through the same old routines that are full of some amazing God given potential. Life changing, history making, potential and we sit here behind our 3ft walls afraid to jump because we don’t think we can and we don’t know what’s on the other side.

What walls are keeping you from jumping and keeping you from accomplishing what you were designed to do? Wall of past mistakes? Wall of rules? Wall of fear? Wall of addictions? Wall of regrets?

Just think of about all that God-potential just sitting behind a 3ft fence.

Today to many of us sit behind our walls because we either don’t know the voice that's calling us to jump, we don't hear God’s calling us to jump, or we don’t trust Him.

So how do we get to know, hear, trust His voice?

We have to LEARN His voice.

Every wall that’s holding you back can be jumped if we just learn to know, hear, and trust the One who is calling us to jump.

So how does a person go about "learning" the voice of God? It's as simple as talking and listen to Him. In other words: Prayer.

"But I don't know how to pray" is the excuse I often hear when I bring up the subject. But That's just an excuse.

The truth is what’s scary about prayer isn’t that we don’t know how to pray, it’s the fact that we don’t feel worthy to pray.

Why would a perfect God that is the creator of all want to hear from me? We don’t feel “good enough” to pray so we just choose not to.

Today I’m letting you know that you’re not good enough, but God is. No matter how hard we try we will never be able to meet God where he is at. We'll never be good enough. This isn't news to God. That's why He met us (through Jesus) and continues to meet us (through the Holy Spirit) where we are at.
** At this point in the service I introduced a new way to take communion. This is not something I'd advise doing every time communion is taken but for this occasion it fit perfectly. I set out four different "cups". each representing a different place each person may be at in their lives right now. A place where they need God to meet them at. I tore off a piece of bread, handed it to each person and they decided which "cup" to dip in and take communion with. Below are the four cups along with what they represent and the prayer for each cup.


Glass - I'm trying to be real and transparent but I feel so fragile. Pray for strength
Dented Can - I feel so worn out. I need rest. Pray for rest and recharging.
Mug - I feel really good right now. I'm very strong in my faith and in my relationship with God. Praise
Styro Foam - I'm constantly being asked to handle all kinds of situations. I'm not sure how much longer I can last. Pray for endurance


Emeriol said…
Sermon notes are awesome. Keep 'em comming!

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