My Brand New Day

So it's been a while. As in in over a year kind of while. I know in my last post I said I was hanging it up for good. And the truth is that was my intention. I use to love blogging. It was more for my benefit then anyone else. It was a place for me to drop some random thoughts about life in the Jesusgreek world. The problem was I found my self full of things to say but no desire to say them. So I quit. No one cared of course. Not that they should of. But most of all I didn't care. As the past year went along I found myself missing this. Just sitting down for a few minutes ever couple of days or so to chronicle some seemingly pointless and not so pointless moments of my life. So after 370+ days of silence, I've decided to give this one more go.

A lot has happened since my last blog. I have a new kid, a son named Joshua who will be a year old later this month. Had some ups and downs at church, read some good books, some bad books, seen some great movies, and some really terrible ones. I've traveled, made new friends, lost some old ones. Performed lots of weddings and a few funerals. My kids are growing up way to fast and Beth and I are trying our best to enjoy every minute of the life God has given us.

I have a feeling that the end of 2011 will look a lot different then the beginning. It has felt for a while like God was setting things up for some major changes in the Gianopulos' household. I have no idea what that even means or what it may look like but there is a change in the air. A brand new day is approaching. Life is good and I'm at peace with whatever God has in store for us.

As for the immediate future, my night will consist of heading over to a new friend's home (new as in since my last blog) for a little UFC 125 action. Tomorrow I'll crank out my top entertainment picks for 2010 and recap what I hope is a stellar day at MSBC.


glad you are back! I have been feeling the same way about the Van Camp household...I feel big change coming. Excited to see what it is! :)

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