The Streak Continues

Kramer: "You shouldn't brush your teeth 24 hours before the dentist."
Jerry: "Isn't it you aren't supposed to eat 24 hours before surgery?"
Kramer: "No you have to eat! You need your strength!"

After my latest visit to the dentist I'm proud to announce that the streak is still alive: 34 years and no cavities. Beth may have the brains, looks, personality, likability, and money, but at least I have the teeth.


Veeno said…
The seinfeld quote is a perfect fit for the story- love it!

Congrats on your streak.
Joel Smith said…
Congratulations Mike! Job well done!

Way to put the woman in her place.

Do you floss?
Jesusgreek said…
I brush twice a day, morning and night and I never floss. I think flossing is a clever trick pushed on the American public by dentist knowing good and well flossing doesn't prevent cavities but instead causes them.

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