Dinner with a Perfect Stranger - Review

A few weeks ago a buddy of mine told me about a book he had recently read and loved. It was called "Dinner with a perfect stranger". The premise: A man who is not a follower of Christ receives an invitation in the mail to have dinner with Jesus. Did I mention this takes place in modern day?

As he was describing the book all I could think was, "This is exactly why I don't read Christian fiction. This sounds ridiculous." When he finished telling me how much it had enjoyed it I politely nodded and gave the ol', "Hmmm. I'll have to check that out sometime." Knowing good and well I would never pick the thing up.

Fast forward to last week. My pastor, Mike, and I were at a Wake Forest basketball game when he started telling me about this great book he had ran across for a $1 at a used book sale. He went on about how much he loved it. The name? "Dinner with a perfect stranger."

I've come to realize in life that when God throws up a suggestion more then once in my face then I better plan on doing it. So I reluctantly borrowed the book from Mike and put my current reading (The Shack - which will be a whole nuther blog when I finish it) on hold.

Is the story cheesy? Extremely. But...I couldn't put it down. It is the clearest and simplest explanation of God's love for us and the story of the gospel I have ever read. The book is brilliantly written and covers everything someone seeking God / Jesus would need to hear without getting bogged down with a bunch of theological Christianese. I wish I could find this book at a cheap price because I would buy cases of them and pass them out to every person in my church.

I'll gladly admit I was way wrong about this book. 4 Stars!!!


Nan said…
I just read it too, and am going to a book group about it tonight. I found it to be a unique way of presenting the foundations of our faith! (I'm also reading The Shack!)

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