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I try to keep an open mind when it comes to politics, I really do. But my goodness, can the Democratic Party do anything else to lose this election and make bigger fools of themselves. After eight years of Republican rule, it’s safe to say the majority of the country would be happy if we never had another republican president. All the democrats had to do was roll out a corpse and he/she would have a great chance of winning. But they can’t even do that. Obama and Hillary are doing everything in their power to make sure McCain is our next president. Heck, the DNC can’t even figure out how to find their nominee. They have the most ridiculous system with delegates, super delegates, and votes in two states that didn’t even count (FL & MI) that may now be re-voted on. These people can’t even run their own party and some want them running our country? By the way, you do remember who is behind all of these shenanigans? The author of “I have a scream” Howard Dean. This may be the worst time in the history of American politics. Is it possible to vote NO for all three canidates?

I’ve discovered two groups of people that drive me insane. People who are obnoxious but hide behind the banner of “I’m just an extrovert” as their excuse and people who are jerks but hide behind the banner of “I’m just an introvert” as theirs.

We have a church lock-in tonight for the youth. I haven’t done a lock-in in almost six years. What on earth was I thinking?

Our church basketball team has made it to the final four in our tournament. That is saying a lot since we finished 9th out of 10 teams in the regular season. For the record the team is 2-0 when I don’t play, 2-6 when I do.

Our 2003 Honda Accord is now the greatest car ever made. How can that be? As of yesterday it is officially paid of!! WOOO HOOO!

Beth and I have some GREAT trips coming up. This spring we’re heading off to the Big Island of Hawaii for a week and then this fall we’re taking the kids back to Disney World!!

I also have some very cool conferences I’ll be at next month. First, twelve college students and I are heading to Passion ’08 ( in Atlanta featuring Francis Chan, Louie Giglio, David Crowder, Charlie hall, and Chris Tomlin. Then my friend Darryl and I will head back to Atlanta for the Orange Conference ( ). April can’t get here fast enough!

I’ve hit a real dry spell as it pertains to movie watching. Between the busyness of our schedules, hanging out with friends, and lots of Xbox, there just isn’t time to sit down for 2 hours and enjoy a flick. Speaking of Xbox, I’ve determined that Rock band for Xbox 360 is the best party game ever made. The more my friends and I play it the better it gets.

“Carpoolers” aired their final episode this past week. It stinks that it probably won’t get picked up, as it was one of the best new shows this past season. Luckily “The Office and “Scrubs” will be back on in a few weeks and of course I’ll always have LOST. Brent and Kaylyn have been coming over every Thursday night this season to our house for a “LOST party”. It’s been awesome to mute the TV during commercials and dissect what we just watched. All the while stuffing our faces with cookies, chips, cup cakes, and brownies.

In another case of taking the good with the bad…I LOVE spring and the fact the my Bradford Pear trees in my yard are just about to bloom makes me giddy with glee but the upcoming allergies attached to the above mentioned blooms makes me wish God had designed us with detachable eyes and nose.

My mom and I took Jacob and Maria to see “Playhouse Disney Live” last Saturday. The show was solid but not great. It was about on par with “Nemo on Ice” but not nearly as good as “Barney Live”. I never thought I’d be a kid show connoisseur.

I’ll leave you with some funny (I think it’s funny) dialogue from my 2 year old. This morning as always Maria was the first one up (usually 6:15ish) she came into our bedroom to announce her awakening and then asked Beth to come down stairs with her to watch TV and snuggle on the couch. Beth, barely conscious replied, “Alright, I’m coming”. After a few seconds Maria demanded matter of factly, “Well come on then!” I couldn’t have said it better myself.


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