My LOST 4.08 Review

I couldn't be more thrilled that one of my favorite characters finally made his long awaited return to LOST world last night when Michel..err...Kevin Johnson filled in all the gaps of his 1 1/2 seasons hiatus. Last nights show featured another first for LOST, instead of their usual flash back and forths that we've all grown accustom to, instead we were treated to one loooong flash-back with no interruption.

First things I noticed or theories then I'll leave you with a great reap and theroy from another Lostie, Robert Dougherty.

1) My gut tells me that Michael/Kevin is up to something. I think he is using Ben to get back to the island more then just to kill himself. I think he realizes that saving the other 815ers is his way or for him to reach the island and stay is the only way he'll have true redemption. I just don't think he plans on going through with Ben's plans.
2) I think Carl is dead but Rousseau will live. I also think Rousseau is not being completely honest with the 815ers.
3) Clarie will die when she is pushed from the rescue helicopter. Remember Desmond saw them both (Claire & Aaron) in the helcopter in his dream.
4) Aaron is still one of the Oceanic Six (just look at the previews)
5) Wow, Mr. Friendly really IS friendly.
6) The Richard led others shot Carl and Rousseau.
7) Was this the first episode ever not to have a Jack sighting in it?
8) Charles Widmore is being set up. He is not the "bad guy" Ben makes him out to be.

Now for the recap:

Season Two of Lost got a mixed reaction from fans, but most agreed that the actions of Michael Dawson were pretty shocking. With his beloved son Walt kidnapped by the Others, Michael was forced to do terrible things to get him back. But the last time we saw him, his betrayal and murders were rewarded as Michael and Walt left the island. Yet no good or bad deed goes unpunished- or resolved- on Lost. "Meet Kevin Johnson" reintroduces us to Michael and his brand new mission.

An extremely poorly kept secret was that Michael would return in Season Four. After the second episode this season, when we found out Ben had a spy on the now infamous freighter, we all figured out Michael was the guy. So it was no shock when we saw "Kevin Johnson" appear last week. And when Sayid got a moment alone with him, he wanted answers, as did the rest of the Lost fans.

"Meet Kevin Johnson" is the latest example of how a Lost character is utterly miserable after leaving the island. Although Michael is back home, Walt wants nothing to do with him after he found out how Michael got him there. Since Walt was the only thing Michael had to live for, the obvious solution was attempted suicide- while the music of Mama Cass returned to Lost, no less. But it failed, for reasons that will definitely be talked about during this five week Lost break. With no death on the way, Michael is left free for the not yet dead Tom Friendly to recruit him.

Lost fans wondered if time travel or some other supernatural element got "Kevin Johnson" on the boat. But it was just another one of Ben's well thought out plans, as he and Tom had things already set up before Michael was even recruited. And before we confirmed what we always suspected about Tom's....tastes, we got another explanation as to why there is fake wreckage of Oceanic 815 in the ocean, and who put it there. For those Lost theorists who think Ben's the real good guy and Charles Widmore is the villain, "Meet Kevin Johnson" gave them some good evidence in that direction....for the moment.

In "Meet Kevin Johnson" Lost fans got another one of those episodes that's mostly a flashback. Most of Michael's story is so straight forward, and yet not so. The story of how the Others got Michael on the boat is pretty simple, without any wild twists involving time or stuff like that. Walt's safety isn't at stake, though it certainly raises new questions about how he got back to the island to heal Locke. But the supernatural questions about death and how it will not come for Michael opens another can of Lost worms. If the island is really responsible for that, as Tom claims, what does that say about fate, destiny, the island's unique powers- or Jacob's- and how far reaching they really are? If Michael has a destined purpose, will it allow him to get some kind of redemption first, or make things even worse? Once more on Lost, things are so simple and yet so complicated all at the same time.

Harold Perrineau officially returned to the Lost cast after weeks of just being listed in the credits. Perrineau and Michael were both hurt by having to scream "WALLLTTT!!" so often in Season Two, but thankfully that cry is nowhere to be found now. Perrineau, along with Michael, was someone in the second tier of the Lost ranks- popular enough not to be outright hated, but not at the level of Lost's most popular members. But now with the blanks filled in, it's as if Michael never left. Perrineau benefits from Michael returning to tragic character status, though his death wish could be another one note emotion for him and Michael to be stuck in. The returning Lost actor who winds up nearly stealing "Meet Kevin Johnson" is M.C Gainey, as Tom is shown to be quite busy before he was gunned down by Sawyer. Dead friends/enemies Naomi, Minkowski, and even Libby also pop up at various points.

Michael's story filled in the blanks on his end, but "Meet Kevin Johnson" posed a lot more questions, of course. If Ben already had Michael taking care of business on the freighter, what was the need for his poison gas plan in "The Other Woman"? That certainly conflicts with his claim that he doesn't kill innocent people in war. Once again, a list is referenced as a part of Ben's plan. We still don't know how Ben discovered the freighter's trip in the first place- how many spies does he have on the mainland? There are a lot of things we also need to analyze about the time line of Michael and Tom's encounters. Sayid's first impulse after hearing Michael's story may not exactly turn out to be the right call. And then there's another typical Lost cliffhanger at the end. The promos for "Meet Kevin Johnson" flat out said that there was another death on the horizon. But the revelation of who dies is less important than what it means. After all these weeks of teasing and setting things up, the war between the forces of Ben and Charles Widmore may have finally been jump started. By now, it had better.

The first half of Lost is now over, with the rest starting up again on April 24. We have been promised that we will find out how the Oceanic 6 leave the island, why Sayid is working for Ben, who the man in the coffin is, and why Jack wants to go back in the future. Can the Lost powers do all this in five episodes? If they don't do it too well, then all the positive momentum of last season's finale and this season's start will be squandered, leaving Lost back at square one. "Meet Kevin Johnson" continued to fill in puzzle pieces about what kind of future we're in for. But with all this setup, combined with our new five week wait, we will expect and demand a real big payoff for our troubles.


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