His Story: "CBS' "Come on and watch some basketball"

One of my favorite sports radio host Steve Czaban ( http://www.czabe.com/ ) retold an awesome story this morning of a little song he wrote last year. Steve wrote it to the CBS tune for the NCAA Tournament. You know the one that begins every CBS broadcast of the tourney. ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hkaS6sgbEg4&feature=related ) So here is the original story along with Czabe's awesome lyrics. Enjoy.

"About a week ago before I went off to Vegas to go 1-7 on the Sweet 16 I was feeling a little bit silly. So decided to author the “lost lyrics” to the CBS basketball theme.

Of course, there ARE no lyrics, but it didn’t prevent me from jotting down some idiotic booze-fueled diddies in my hotel room, and attributing it all to the “Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass” with a fictional “original” version of the song called… “Come On And Watch Some Basketball…”

I knew that 98% of my radio audience would see it for what it was: a complete, stupid, and perhaps slightly funny lark.
And then we’d have the 2%-ers, that would amuse me because they would surely have not been fully awake, or perhaps just too darn easily suckered.
Well, here they are… go ahead and sing them all weekend!

Come on and watch some basketball…
You’ll watch it all…. DAY … LONG

Come on and watch some basketball…
Til your, pool sheet is done!

Come on and watch some basketball…
It’s got it all…
Tournament Madness

Throw in a few parlays…
Gambling is fun!

Walton and Wooden own the court
Don’t try them out……. YOU’LL… LOSE

Packer and Nantz call all the games
Just watch… Billy be wrong

Come on and watch more basketball
Your wife is mad…
Send her out shopping…

Coach K is gay…
Duke really sucks


eric said…
this is hilarious. i listen to Czabe daily. we need a link of him singing it w the music in the background.
BTW - dook really does suck

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