After the first round of the ACC tourney, it looked like the Mike G. Kiss Of Death would strike in epidemic proportions this time around. After the first day my picks were 1-3. Amazingly the KOD took Friday off and my picks went 3-1. Now we're down to the final 4 and the only question left is how long UNC can avoid the KOD?

It's now official, ABC has cancelled the funniest new show this season when they sent "Carpoolers" to the garage. On top of that they decided, because of the writers strike, to shorten LOST by 3 episodes and move it to 10pm. ABC is killing me. I only watch 2-3 hours of TV a week, is the KOD now stalking not only my favorite sports teams and picks by my TV shows too?

Speaking of LOST, now that I've had a day or two to digest the last episode, I've developed my own theories into the mystery surrounding the death of Jin. The tombstone said Jin died the day of the crash which obviously is a lie because a) we see him on the island alive long after the crash and b) Sun got pregnant after the crash and he had to be alive for that. So that would mean that...
1) Jin died during the upcoming rescue attempt and he is one of the 2 that Jack says died on the island
2) Jin is still alive on the island and for reasons unknown yet he couldn't leave with Sun and the other Oceanic Six
Also, the day that Hurley and Sun went to Jin's "grave" could have been the one year anniversary of the plane crash. I am also leaning toward the belief that the Oceanic Six are Kate, Jack, Hurley, Syaid, Sun, and AARON. I know Aaron wasn't officially listed as a passenger but some airlines allow children between the ages of 2 weeks to 2 years to fly on their parents laps with NO boarding pass. This could explain how there may be no record of Aaron being on board.

Now for my KJV rant. Well it's not really a rant because one thing I've learned over the years is you can't get anywhere trying to convince a true blue KJV only reader that their version of the bible is not the only one. They will go to their graves believing Moses wrote it and Jesus read it. Is God that small that He can only reach people through one version of the bible? A version that honestly has the most mistakes of any version when compared the original text. The scripture the guy is preaching on in the previous blog is even mistranslated in the KJV. The NIV and NKJV have it right. The KJV added the "pisseth" part for dramatic effect. The origianl text does say "males". But that is just one of mnay examples of how messed up with whole KJV vs the rest battle as become. Here is an informative site that does all my arguing for me: If the KJV is your bible of choice, great. Read it, study it, enjoy it but just don't bash the rest of us who happen to get more out of the NIV, Message, or whatever version we might choose. If we're wrong and God is a KJV only guy then we'll find out soon enough. My hunch is He is more interested in how we live out the words in the bible instead of which style the words are written in.


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