My Target Phone

The following is a story from my mom written by yours truly since she doesn't blog....

My mom went to the new Target store in Kernersville yesterday before heading home. While she was shopping, she walked past the toy department and a kids toy phone caught her eye. She stopped to take a quick look since all the grandkids love to play with phones. When she pressed one of the buttons to see what it would say / do, she was shocked to hear what came out of this kiddie phone.

"Hello queer!"

That's what mom thought it said but there was no way a kids phone would say something like that. So she tried it again.

"Hello queer!"

Still in shock, mom sought a second opinion. She asked a sales associate walking by what they thought it said.

"Hello queer!"

Now the sales associate was in shock. Mom told him that she didn't think toys like that needed to be sold in the kids section and he agreed. He immediately got on his radio and told his supervisor that there was a problem in toys.

Mom left as the men were trying to decided what to do. I had to go to Target today, (not for the phone) so while I was there I did look for it. No more phones. They either moved them or got rid of them. I still don't know what was more classic, the phone saying "Hello queer", or hearing my mom say "Hello queer".


Veeno said…
They sold out- I got the last one (a mauve one to match my curtains)

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