My No. 32

Yesterday was my birthday. It came and went without much hoopla. Which was fine by me. These past two and a half months have been way to busy and stressful for yours truly. And that's coming from someone who very rarely gets stressed. From my trip to CO, to two mission trips, to selling my car and trying to find a new one, to our church moving into a new facility out of nowhere, things have been less then calm around my household.

Beth said I have been really moody lately. She attributed it to my new older age. I just think I have a hard time adjusting to change.

Our new church facility is really nice. I've been meaning to blog about it but just haven't had the time or energy. It's a 5000-6000 sqft church building that the Lutheran church in town built as their first church. They have since moved onto a newer much larger building and now we (for the first time) have our first free standing building to call our own. We had our first services there this past Sunday and they went great. But I digress...

Back to my 32....

I cleared my schedule of any and all appointments so the day could be peacefully mine. I ran a couple of errands I had been putting off, bought myself a new vacuum cleaner, and enjoyed a day of no expectations. My parents came over last night and took our family out to dinner. Then back to my house for cake and presents. Mom made a "pig-picken" cake (you can try one similar at Carter Bros. in High Point) which was delicious. My gifts were great. Stuff I wanted and could use. Beth's parents got me steps for my back porch and a new game for game night, mom & dad got me a trailer hitch and window vents for my new Xterra, Jacob got me the "Office" season one and Maria got me "News Radio" season three. And Beth got me a new DVD/VCR combo for the bedroom. ( I know we should get into 21st century and get TiVo or a DVR, but I can't handle that much change at once.)

All in all a great peaceful birthday, which is all I really wanted.


Jason said…
dvr changed my life man. anyway, props on getting The Office season 1. I usually watch some sort of dvd as I go to sleep. It is fun putting The Office season 1 dvd on repeat and letting it run all night long. hope your birthday kicked serious butt. i missed your phone call because i was at RCC registering for school. rockingham county isnt in the future age of having digital signal for cell phones yet. so i missed your call(s).
Veeno said…
Happy Day Old Man!

I wish I knew when I called you. Glad to hear it was as uneventful as you hoped.


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