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In this issue: The Corpse Bride, Red Eye, Flight Plan, and Kung Pow

The Corpse Bride: I use to not be a fan of Tim Burton because basically his stuff was just to weird for me. But over the past few years either he has gotten less strange or I have gotten more strange but whatever the case may be I love his work now and The Corpse Bride was no exception. It was filled with great animation, creative story telling, and a feel good ending. I know there are comparisons to his "Nightmare before Christmas" but I personally felt this was much better. And of course you have Johnny Depp as the main voice so you can't go wrong there. Grade: A-

Red Eye: Red Eye is a first-rate Hitchcock-style thriller that will have you on the edge of your seat with your pulse pounding from the moment Jackson (the bad guy) lays out his evil plot. The film keeps the tension high and manages to surprise at every turn, even though the majority of the film concerns two people sitting next to one another on a plane. My only fault with the film is like most Wes Craven movies there is the occasional dose of cheesieness in the dialogue. Grade: B

Flight Plan: Two airplane thrillers in one weekend, what was I thinking? As good as Red Eye was I thought Flight Plan was better. Jodie Foster stars as a widow flying from Germany to New York to take her recently deceased husband's body back for burial. Along for the ride is her six year old daughter. When they both fall asleep on the plane, Foster soon awakens to find her daughter missing. To make matters worse, no one on the plane saw a thing and the airline has no records of her daughter even being on board. This movie had you guessing at every scene as to what was going on. Was Foster crazy or was she some sort of giant cover up. My only fault with this movie was they gave away the ending a little to soon. But other than that, great acting, very suspenseful, and an origianal story. Grade A

Kung Pow: I know this film has been out a while (Jeremy and I watched it pre-my kids) but I always said if I had the opportunity to buy it at a good deal I would. As fate would have it the deal was this past weekend as the movie store I go to was having a huge sale on used DVD's. I paid a couple of bucks for it but trust me when I say it's worth a million. Kung Pow takes an old karate movie from the 70's and puts all new dialogue with it. To make it even funnier, the director/producer/writer digitally inserts himself in the movie has the main hero. VERY ORIGINAL AND VERY FUNNY STUFF!! As an added bonus, this DVD includes 2 more additional full versions of the film with different, and just as funny, dialogue. This is one of those movies that leaves you constantly saying, "How did they come up with this stuff?" Grade: A+


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