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I went online to order my Third Day / David Crowder tix today. You could get pre-sale tix off the Third day website today before they officially go on sale this Saturday. Things went well till I hit this one small problem. They would only let you order 4 tickets at a time. The problem was there are 5 of us going. So I ordered 2 (for John & Melissa) then had to go back in and get 3 more for Rhonda, Beth, and me. Even though we aren't all 5 sitting together, we did get some really sweet seats. John & Melissa are sitting center stage, floor, on row 15. Rhonda, Beth, and I are sitting right of center, on the floor, 4th row.

I completed my application and video for Survivor and mailed it off yesterday. I'll know by late march if I made it to the next round which is a face to face interview in Charlotte.
Speaking of Survivor, the new season starts tomorrow night. I won't be doing a weekly recap this season mainly because that was lot of work plus the new gimmick "Exile Island" looks lame. Why mess with a good thing? Sure I'll still watch it but it doesn't mean I have to like it.

I had a "Scrubs" moment today. You see for those of you who don't watch the show, JD is constantly having day dreams about what he wishes he could say or do but can't. So I'm in Ben Franklin Crafts today getting some stuff for the prayer service tonight and church on Sunday. I am minding my own business in the middle of cutting out some hearts with this very cool machine they have that rolls over the print you want and cuts it perfectly for you when some old lady yells at me, "You're wasting paper! You need to try to get more hearts out of that paper." Mind you I bought this paper and if I choose to waste any then that is my business not hers. This is where my daydream comes in. I turn to her and nod politely and say, "You're right, I can, thanks." Inside I'm dreaming about taking that lady and running her through the press and cutting hearts out of her 90 year old body as I look like Ben Stiller in Happy Gilmore when he works at the retirement home / slave shop.

Speaking of church on Sunday...this week we are starting a message series on "Who's my neighbor and why should I care?". So I've been pondering who is my neighbor? Is everyone my neighbor? When does someone stop being my neighbor? Can they ever stop being my neighbor? Was that old lady at the craft store my neighbor? Was I neighborly to her? Sure I was nice on the outside but was I really her neighbor on the inside? Why do we have such a hard time reaching outside our immediate neighbors (friendships) and actually start a new realtionship with someone else? Why are we so scared to be neighbors? I use to see it in youth all the time. They would see who was going to a particular event and if their "neighbors" (ie their close friends) were going, they'd go. But if their neighbors weren't going, then they wouldn't go either. I always thought they were just kids and they would grow out of it, but now that I work primarily with adults, nothing has changed. We all as 20, 30, 40, & 50 year olds still have our close neighbors and still refuse to "play" with others that we don't consider our neighbors. Why is that? Why can't we just love people and enjoy being with people because that's what Jesus would want? Why do we keep our friendships and relationships broke down in tight gated and guarded neighborhoods? Sorry for dumping like that but like I said, I'm just pondering.

Coretta Scott King died this past week. I met her a few years ago while attending a church service at Ebenezer Baptist Church in Atlanta. She sat right in front of me and when the time came to greet everyone she turned and shook my hand and greeted our youth group. If you're ever in Atlanta and can go to Ebenezer and the Martin Luther King Jr. museum and memorial, do it! It is amazing.


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