The Book of John (week 3) A Woman Caught in Adultery

John 8 (week three)
Woman Caught in Adultery

· Ever been caught doing something wrong?
· Ex. Speeding, Lying, Gossiping: Kid w/ chocolate on his face "No I didn’t eat it!"
· Woman caught in adultery

· Read John 8:2-4
· What I understand about adultery—takes 2.
· Double standard! Where was the guy?
· Woman was Caught, she was Guilty. No argument 
· The voices of condemnation she heard: You’re life’s over. No one’s going to want you. No way back. God will never forgive you. Not worthy.
· Don’t have to be caught to feel shame: Fear getting caught—Erase tracks.
· Not limited to sex shame - Overeating, Overspending, Substance abuse, Anger.
· I did bad—therefore I am bad. (Action with identity)
· Modern normal situation: Marriage over, Bad reputation, Whisper, Lose respect kids
· In that day - Crime punishable by death

· Read John 8:5
· According law—She’s guilty. Punishment - stoned
· If Jesus agreed, lose his reputation for being loving.
· If Jesus forgives, condoning adultery. (Break law of Moses)

· Read John 8:6
· What did he write? Later manuscripts: wrote sins of the accusers.
· Graphein (GRAF-IN) means to write down.
· Katagraphein—Kata means against.
· Word actually means - Write down record against  someone.
· Jesus is God in flesh: Knew everything

· Read John 8:7
· Without sin—without even wanting to do it.
· Just other day—Driving—Flip off guy—Break finger.

· Read John 8:8-11a
· She deserved condemnation—But Jesus gave her mercy!
· No condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus! (Romans 8:1)
· You’re used goods, Never overcome this, Always going to be this way.
· Never going to be enough. No one’s going love you. This is just the way u are.
· You are not what you did!
· You are not who others say you are!
· Jesus didn’t say—Forgiven—I understand that’s just way you are.
· Excuse - Dad didn’t love you—searching for love from men.
· I’m always going to struggle with: Overeat, Lust, Overspend, Gossip, Addicted, Hate yourself.

· Read John 8:11b
· Go now! Go and leave your life of sin!
· Sin has been defeated! Greater is the One in you!
· Not—go stop being bad
· Go so that you may have LIFE!
· When Jesus said, I don’t condemn you: he became not just light of the world—her world!
· When the light of the world becomes the light of your world - You will never walk in darkness.


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