Questions Adults Are Afraid To Ask

Last week at our Wednesday night youth bible study, I asked the students to write down one question that they have always wanted the answer to or something they may be dealing with right now. Once everyone had passed in their questions I mixed them up and randomly started doing my best to attempt to answer them. I'm not sure what I expected but what I got were deep, heart felt, thought provoking questions that most adults are afraid to ask. Here are a few we dealt with:

Why does divorce have to be so difficult?
Is the bible true?
Why do people care for each other at all?
How do you give up control?
Where is heaven?
Where is hell?
How do you deal with difficult sin in your life?
How do I stop feeling lonely?

It took 2 weeks to go through all the questions and when were done it was obvious the students wanted more of their questions answered. So next week they'll turn in more questions and we'll do it all over. How much better off would adults be if they were given the opportunity (and took it) to ask some of their tough questions?


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