My Movie Review: I Am Legend

I went in to "I am legend" with absolutely no idea what to expect or what the movie was about other than Will Smith being the last man on earth after some kind of world wide catastrophe. What I got was one of the best movies I've seen this year.

"I am legend" is half "Castaway" and half "28 days later". It takes the best elements from both films and creates and phenomenal movie that you don't want to end. In fact my only complaint with the movie is that it was too short (1hr 40 min).

The plot is this: Robert Neville, a brilliant scientist, isn't quite brilliant enough to stop a man-made virus from escaping and killing everyone in sight. Somehow, though, Robert is immune. But what good is surviving if you're the last person on the planet? After three years of searching for others, Robert soon discovers that he is in fact not alone; mutant victims of the virus are watching his every move. As Robert realizes that his time may be up, he's determined to find a way to save the human race -- using his own virus-free blood.

The reviews I've been reading about this movie seem to be all over the place. You either love it or hate it. I loved it! Will Smith gives and Oscar worthy performance, the special effect were great as was the story. The most surprising element was how scary the movie was. It may be one of the scariest I've ever seen and this is going from someone who never gets spooked by films.

I'll go see this one again! 4 Stars


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