My White Wedding

This past weekend I had the privilege of performing a wedding ceremony for two former students of mine. Kendra is the daughter of one of my very good friends and mentors and her now husband Gary was one of the best guys I've ever had in 12+ years of youth ministry. To be honest I was as nervous about this wedding ceremony as any I have ever done. Kendra and Gary have meant a lot to me and we've grown pretty close over the past eight years of knowing each other. The last thing I wanted to do was screw up their wedding by forgetting part of the ceremony or flubbing some words. To make matter worse, her dad, my friend, and mentor would be there (obviously) so I felt added pressure to perform up to his expectations. It was a classic case of the student playing the role of the teacher.

When it was all said and done the wedding went off flawlessly. Kendra and Gary are now hitched and my friend/mentor gave me a "well done grasshopper" type comment.

The post wedding reception was a huge highlight for me as I got to reconnect with lots of youth and families I haven't seen in years. It felt more like a reunion for me then a wedding. It was amazing to hear what all my former student were now doing and how old I felt seeing kids I once knew as 12 year old 7th graders now graduating from college and starting lives of their own.

All in all it was as Billy Idol sang, "A nice day for a white wedding"


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