My Snake, My Hoe

** Note: camo hat added for effect.

Yesterday afternoon as Jacob and I were in the playroom we saw a long, black, hose like object lying in our yard. Upon further inspection, I realized it wasn't a hose but a long snake. About the time we made it into the backyard for a closer look, Rufus also had discovered the snake and attempting to get up close and personal with it. The snake went into typical defense mode by curling up and raising it's head to strike at Rufus. As Rufus was barking and running around the snake, I took Jacob back inside as I tried to decided what to do. One one hand I could allow nature to takes it's course and if the snake made it back to the safety of the woods then good for him, on the other hand I could play hero and save the world from this menacing creature. I chose the latter.

I made my way to our shed to find what would be the most effective weapon against this snake. After much deliberation I decided on my hoe. I approached the snake from behind as all his energy and concentration was focused on Rufus. With my hoe held high in the air and the feeling of Maximus in Gladiator, I slung the weapon down with all my might. As I looked up to examine the carnage I just inflicted I saw he was still in good shape and still fighting off Rufus. I had hit him but only the last 3 inches of his tail was damaged, and even that wasn't cut completely off. So I raised my mighty weapon up and and proceeded to hack away like something out of a low budget horror film. When the dust settled and the barking stopped, I had defeated my backyard nemesis. Mike 1 Snake 0


creesta said…
Wait... you took Jacob outside to get a better look at the snake before you decided to kill it? Must be a man thing...

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