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I tuned in to the show without much enthusiasm, since I had not seen or heard anything about the show at all. Boy, was I pleasantly surprised. Laugh out loud moments, an original premise, and well-developed characters. The episodes are progressively getting better every week! I really hope they keep this one on the air. 3 Stars

You take the caveman make-up off and it's just another show about some guys and what they do. There are a few jokes in there about them being cavemen, but they are very forced. There is no real struggle with them being cavemen. They have jobs, getting phd's, hot blond girlfriends. Where is the struggle. I thought about "The Munsters". They were misfits that people were afraid of and didn't understand, but THEY didn't know it, which is what made it funny. These are normal guys that just happen to be cavemen. The commercials were funny with the premise, but it wore thin very quickly. Skip it. 1 star

Movies (DVD)

The Invisible
From the trailers the story looked new and inventive. In my opinion, it was. But this movie had something that the trailer wouldn't show, all the unanswered "Why?" questions. The first half of the movie is a solid story about a boy who is framed and killed just to find himself invisible in some sort of after life. In the 3rd quarter of the movie, your forced to think to yourself "Huh?". And by the 4th quarter of the movie your ready for anything because you've heard some of the most unrealistic plot twists ever shown in a movie.The redeeming quality of the movie is the acting. Some of the scenes in the movie are actually quite good it's just the ending few scenes that defiles the beginning half. 2 Stars

Knocked Up
Ok, it's a really funny movie, but it’s bit long. There are some real funny moments combined with some tender and serious scenes as well. I will say, it's not for kids in the least. The F-Bomb is about every other word. This movie would have actually been better if they would have cut out the really bad language usage. For some reason it was just real out of place in this movie. There are some good laughs though. The story follows a mediocre guy who knocks up a hot chick and than basically sets out to do the right thing. Her sister and family are interesting in the movie as well. Overall it was actually better then I had expected. 2 1/2 Stars

The story starts off with a bang and gets you anticipating the main character entering the scary room 1408. Once there, he stays to complete his story and tries to escape to no avail. He has flashbacks to people we never knew about anywhere else in the movie. We are just supposed to fill in the blanks, but this is unfair. We deserve to have the story behind these people developed first before they appear as flashbacks/present day. We never find out why the room is the way it is or why the writer(JOHN CUSACK)is writing haunted hotel books. All in all too many questions left for the viewer to decipher with no clear cut reasons they are left out. This was suppose to be on par with Kings movie adaptations of "Misery" and "The Shawshank Redemption" but it falls well short of that goal. 1 Star

This movie seemed to be going in the right direction. It had everything a good horror movie needs. Action, suspense, random people popping out, and edge of your seat thrills. It was short and not drawn out like most other horror movies. However, the ending to the movie was by far one the worst ending I have ever seen at the end of a horror movie. The movie was about 1 hour and 20 minutes long. I thought it was one of the best horror movies I had seen in a while for about 1 hour and 10 minutes of it. The ending made it seem like a waste of time. Other than the ending it was a good movie. Watching it and expecting a good ending or expecting an ending that makes sense will only leave you frustrated with the movie. For that I give it a low grade. 1 1/2 Stars


"Tales from Q School: Inside Golf's Fifth Major" by John Feinstein
"Q" school is the yearly tournament where over 1200 golfers give it their all to attempt to make the PGA tour or at worst a lower league. Most (as in 1100 out of 1200) never get any further this this qualifying tournament. I was very excited to read this book, but so disappointed in the writing. This author simply repeats the same (very short) Q school stories again and again and again. The tales from the golfers are good, but again the author continues to put his two cents in with the same tired stories. Poor writing ruined a good idea. 1 1/2 stars


"Remedy" David Crowder Band
David Crowder Band has done it again with their latest album, focusing solely on the need for a solution to the world's depravity. Stemming as a response to the death focus from "A Collision," "Remedy" is a bold new addition to worship music in the church today. From the intense, driving tracks of "...neverending..." and "We Won't Be Quiet" (coupled with the guitar genius in Ted Nugent) to the contemplative, pleading tone in "Never Let Go" and "Surely We Can Change," this album shows the creative strength that David Crowder and Company has been known for in their last three albums. The new rendition of "Rain Down" and a fresh interpretation of the hymn, " O, For a Thousand Tongues to Sing" fill out this shorter (compared to earlier albums), but complete album to form another worshipful hit for these musical giants. By far their best CD! 4 Stars


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