My Xbox Live Conspiracy

I'm not someone who thinks the whole world is out to hold down Christians. Most of the time when I read about these Christian conspiracy theories I usually give it the ol' Beth eye roll and think those complaining have too much time on their hands and could probably find an anti-Christian slant in anything. But last night I did find something raised the proverbial eyebrow.

When you have your "gamer tag" on Xbox Live it allows you to add a picture and motto. My motto had been the same for a while, "It's just a game Focker", so I decided to update it. After racking my brain for a few minutes I concluded that I should just add a shameless plug and make my motto "". I typed in the new motto and hit the finished button but I was surprised to see a new screen pop up that declared I had submitted an "unauthorized word" and I would have to change my motto. I figured Xbox wasn't allowing me to plug a web site so I took out the 2 "dots" so it read "wwwjesusgreekcom". I hit finished and again the same error message. I then started to get suspicious. I then typed just "Jesus" and again the same message. I typed "God" and the same message.

"Fine" I thought. Maybe Xbox doesn't want anyone to push their religious beliefs. So surely it would be the same for every other "religion". So I typed in "Buddha" and to my surprise Xbox accepted it. I tried "Buddhism". Accepted. "Muslim" - accepted. "Mohammad" - again accepted.

So why can't "Jesus or "God" be used in a Xbox Live motto but every other religion can? I'm not suggesting an Xbox boycott by the AFA but it is strange that not all belief systems are treated equally.


Beth said…
Jacob rolled his eyes last night - he looked just like me!
I told you XBOX was evil....
Emeriol said…
Mike, I'd have to conclude that God is sending you a message: Don't advertise Jesus on a video game console. ...just a hunch.
Hunkston said…
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